About the Patient Portal

Del Spade holds a picture of his late wife, Cathy. His wife doctored for years and nobody could figure out what was wrong. They eventually met Dr. Bosworth who took the time to listen and pay attention to Cathy’s answers. Cathy died of ALS, but finally having an accurate diagnosis afforded them the chance to talk about the future and say goodbye. The Spades used the Patient Information Portal to stay in touch with Dr. Bosworth before and after office visits.

Access the Patient Portal

Collaborative software developed by Dr. Annette Bosworth gives patients easy access to their own medical information and a direct communication link to our staff. The Patient Information Portal enables family communication, too.

The Portal uses technology—which often makes our modern lives seems so disjointed—to create connections that make medicine personal again. “What if I told you there is a process that makes health care more patient-centered without increasing costs?” Dr. Bosworth asks.

As the first South Dakota physician to meet the Meaningful Use standards for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Dr. Bosworth employed technology to create a channel for information flowing both ways. The ability to submit questions and get rapid replies is the most striking feature of the Portal. Thanks to the Portal, patients can have their doctor’s ear outside the office and well beyond office hours.

Family Accounts on the Patient Portal extend communication even further. The far-flung adult children of an ailing parent can track all treatment progress so no one feels left out of the process.

When you have access to the Patient Portal, you can see:

  • Reports of office visits.
  • Lab reports.
  • Prescription dosage and frequency.
  • Appointment schedules and billing reminders.
  • Allergy lists and patient history.
  • And, most importantly, the Portal offers the ability to ask questions.