Dr. Bosworth

Information for Prospective Patients

Dr. Annette Bosworth harnessed technology to anticipate what she’s dubbed “the doorknob question.” Just as the doctor makes ready to exit the exam room, the patient finally reveals his or her fundamental concern. “When a patient says, ‘Oh, by the way…’ that’s a test. Will the doctor slow down to listen?”

In order to satisfy a patient’s need for a physician who will listen, advise, and coach, Meaningful Medicine software prefaces the initial doctor visit with an extensive electronic question-and-answer process. Before anything else can happen, prospective patients must register in the Patient Information Portal from their home computers.

The online questionnaire initiates a dialog that continues once patient and physician meet face-to-face. It allows plenty of time for the first visit—typically one-and-a-half hours—thus creating the best conditions for those doorknob questions to percolate.

  • Dr. Bosworth sees patients through her private practice, Meaningful Medicine. It’s mobile-clinic practice delivering coordinated primary care with an emphasis on prevention and accountability.
  • We also work with patients through Preventive Health Strategies, a non-profit organization which focuses on accessible, quality health care for marginalized patients in the Sioux Falls area.