Enroll Your Child in ECHO Kids, Sioux Falls

Enroll your child ECHO Kids®.

  • Kids meet Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at Sertoma Park from 9am-11am.
  • The ECHO Kids program of stretching, fitness workout, and healthy lifestyle education is supplemented by sports instruction.
  • The featured sports are introduction to basketball, introduction to indoor soccer, and swimming. Six weeks are devoted to each sport.
  • No previous experience with a team sport is required. “We’re working toward individual improvement,” says ECHO Kids Coach Amy Peterson. “ECHO Kids remains focused on building strength, coordination, endurance, and balance.”

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Replicate This Program in Your Town

Don’t live in Sioux Falls? If you’d be interested in launching an ECHO Kids program in your town, contact us at info@meaningfulmedicine.org. We at Preventive Health Strategies feel strongly about extending this fitness model and encouraging kids everywhere to get healthy.