Meaningful Missions

Why We Go to Haiti

Haiti teaches its own lessons but also offers an education in recognizing need everywhere we look. After her first Haiti mission trip, Dr. Annette Bosworth returned home with a new perspective. Why, she wondered, did it take a trip to the tiny island nation to open her eyes to poverty on the prairies, in local towns, and on the reservation? It was as if she’d been looking at South Dakota through a filter. Now, every mission trip heightens her ability to see people in need.

The nonprofit organization Preventive Health Strategies organizes these mission trips. Are you ready to see the world more clearly? Join us for service in Haiti.

Facts about health and health care in Haiti:

  • Two huge factors explain why the median age in Haiti is only 21.4 years for this nation of 9,801,664.
    • In 2010, an earthquake killed 316,000.
    • HIV (AIDS) remains the major ongoing health concern.

The chances of a young man in Haiti today reaching age 65 are only 34.2% versus 77.4% in the United States.

While 95% of Americans can easily access the medicine they need, the figure for Haiti is 0%!

Are you right for a trip to Haiti?

  • Physically fit – Frequent walks of 2+ miles in the mountains
  • Emotionally strong – You see and deal with the hardest situations you’ll ever experience.
  • Motivated to serve others – It’s the only reason we go.

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